Tuesday, March 1, 2011

3 Months Already

So I went back to work last Wednesday, and I've already missed 2 days........not because Savannah isn't eating at Grandmas (she is....not much, but it's a start I guess.......) b/c I have been horribly sick. Last Thursday the room was spinning, and I didn't feel comfortable driving anywhere. Then yesterday afternoon I felt like I got hit by a bus. Cold then Hot, temp of about 102 and lots of other nasty symptoms. Went to Urgent Care last night, got some antibiotics....hope they start working soon......not sure if I'll make it to work tomorrow or not....

So 3 months ago Miss. Savannah was born. Where does the time go?? Why does it have to go so fast?? She already has such a little personality on her. For the most part she's easy going, loves to smile & talk to you....but she also has a little whinny side, which is pretty cute in its own way. She is definitely a mama's girl....and I hope it stays that way!! So Savannah has been to Grandma's 4 days and she still hates her bottle..........she only eats about 1 oz at a time, about every 1-1.5 hours...........it's like she knows I'll be back soon, so she's holding off. She would only have to eat twice at Grandma's if she ate 4-5 oz at a time, but no..........she's gotta be stubborn and eats like 8-9 "snacks". Hopefully that will get better!!

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