Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Chillin at the Table

So Connor started off with a cold, then it passed onto Savannah. Poor baby girl. Started off as a runny nose, and now add a cough to the mix....been about a week for the nose and about 4 days for the cough. At least she's in a better mood than she was on Sunday.......she was so miserable then!! Now she's just laying on the couch, watching me play on the computer as she sucks her thumb!!

So last week we decided Savannah could hold her head enough to sit with us at the table. I think she had fun watching all of us eat! Couple of more months before she gets anything good to eat, but the time will fly!
If you didn't already know, we are not giving her any baby cereal or purees. We are following the "Baby Led Weaning" approaching to introducing food. If you are not familiar with it at all, please do not judge. I did my research, did you? You don't judge me, and I wont judge you for giving your baby purees....we did with Connor, but I'm glad we found this method this time around. Hopefully it works out as good as it sounds!! (if you are interested in a book, I found one on amazon for about $10)

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