Friday, April 1, 2011

Easter Pictures

So last weekend we didn’t end up going to visit and meet Miss. Madison. I woke up Saturday morning at 1:30 and was super sick all day……..yuck!! We’re going to try again tomorrow, lets hope I don’t wake up sick again!!

So yesterday we went to JcPenny’s after work & dinner to get our Easter Pictures taken. We started with Connor, and then did Savannah, then both of them, then family and then Savannah again. Connor did very well for his pictures, but about ½ way threw he decided he wanted to be a stinker and started to do his fake smiles/cheesy faces!! Savannah did great for her first pictures too, but by the time we wanted to do the naked baby bunny pictures she was done and didn’t want to smile anymore….oh well I think we got a few good ones.

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