Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Coloring Eggs

So I can’t believe that April is almost coming to a close…….2 more days and my baby brother will be the same age as me….and only a few more after that and we will already be in May!! This weekend is the Sun Prairie Garage Sale, and we will be participating. So if you know anyone who may need: stove, dishwasher, workout equipment, clothes, recliners, etc. then stop on by the house!

So this past Friday we had Jessica & Justin over for dinner. Had some burgers on the grill again, some Caesar pasta salad and some baked potatoes, yumm! After dinner we colored some eggs. Well Jessica, I & Connor colored eggs….Scott & Savannah just watched, while Justin watched TV and played on his phone. It was pretty fun. It wasn’t your normal drop in the cup coloring. You actually took 3 different color packets and dropped a couple of drops in plastic baggies , dropped the egg in the baggie, and shook it up. Connor had a lot of fun doing it! He did break a couple of eggs though from hitting the egg on the table, lol.

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