Monday, April 18, 2011

Gary Allan

So it's Monday night already...where did the weekend go?? Why does it go so fast?? My weekend was even longer than normal because I had to leave work Friday afternoon because Connor was sick. Well the nice thing to look forward to is that I have a short week, I have Good Friday off because Scott's mom has "off".

So this past weekend was the Gary Allan concert. I had gotten Scott the tickets for his birthday. It was at the Crystal Grand Music Theatre and I had a blast. I had never been there, and it really is a neat little place. Before the concert we went to Pedros and had dinner with Uncle Pate, I of course, had my chicken chimichanga (sp?), yumm!! The concert was only a little over 1.5 hours, the shortest one I had ever been to, but it was worth it. No opener, which saves time, and there wasn't a lot of long breaks in between any of the songs, it was pretty much constant music the entire time. He didn't play my favorite song...but I'll forgive's not the most popular of his songs anyways.

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