Thursday, April 28, 2011

Loving Your Child Is Not Enough

So we've had 2 really bad nights in the house.........both nights with Savannah waking up 3 times.......ugh.....I'm so tired, I feel like I'm barley running on auto pilot. Tonight is Thursday, so it's the usual trip to the in-laws for dinner and then to Woodmans to get some groceries...going to try a new chicken with broccoli crock pot recipe I found online next week!

So today, while pumping at work, I finished reading "Loving Your Child is not Enough - Positive Discipline That Works" by Nancy Samalin with Martha Moraghan Jablow. I have to say that I really enjoyed the book. It was written in a way that you can relate with the way other people feel/talk to their children and it gave great examples on ways you can just slightly alter your words to change the way your child will react to what you are saying. I'm really trying to get Scott to agree to read the book as well, because I think it will be more affective if we both know the "rules". He's not much of a reader, but I told him if he just reads 10 pages a night, skips 1 day a week, he'll have it finished in around a month. So I think that is doable, I just hope he does it! I will probably want to refer back to this book time and time again, and re-read it often. Do you have a favorite book that really helped with your parenting style?? If so let me know, and I'll try to read it!

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