Tuesday, April 12, 2011

First Trip To The Zoo

So the month of April is just about 1/2 over already....can you believe it?? Why do the days and weeks go by so fast? Sometimes I want things to hurry up and get here, but then it's done and gone just as quickly as it came....is this the way life will always be from now on?? Wanting it to SLOW down?? I guess we just need to sit back and enjoy as much of it as we can!!

Talking about enjoying life, this past Sunday was BEAUTIFUL outside!! First awesome day of the year, and we took advantage and went to the zoo. We went with Matt, Chrissy, Buddy, Ella, Jim, Michelle & Donovan. While Ella slept 1/2 of the time, Savannah was wide awake and staring at her brother & cousins as the ran around to look at the animals. Connor wanted to see the turtles and Buddy liked the giraffes. It was so nice to be outside almost all weekend, but unfortunately it's back to being in the 50's, and just a little to cold to spend any significant amount of time outside. Savannah must have loved being outside as most of her life as been inside. All I know is the fresh air must have worn her out because on Sunday night she slept 7.5 hours, the longest she's ever slept!

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