Thursday, July 15, 2010


So driving home from work today I was in a pretty good mood for once. I wasn't very tired, I wasn't yawning like crazy on the drive home, etc....

Connor had his first Preschool 1 swimming lessons tonight. 1/2 of the time was spent "going over rules" and then trying to get Connor in the pool. He's been in the pool by himself before, but for some reason he just didn't want to go in without mommy or daddy. I was SO mad at him for making a scene and not listening to his "teacher". Finally he went into the pool! Except, 1/2 of the time he STILL wasn't listening, and just doing what he wanted to do!! Do I have the worst 3 year old?? He NEVER seems to listen like all of the other kids! And it doesn't help that I have a really short temper plus all of the hormones are making it even worse. Am I really ready to deal with another one?? How can I make him listen? Am I a horrible mother? I just don't know...ugh I'm just so frustrated at this point, and don't know what to do!!!

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