Monday, July 19, 2010


So overall this weekend was pretty fun, but of course it went way to quickly!! Friday night Connor had a temp of 103, which always sucks, but by Saturday morning he was back to normal! Went to Kohl's Saturday, and then Connor & I went and visited Scott at work, came home took a nap, then all of us went to my cousin's high school graduation party. I can't believe he's already graduated, dang I'm getting old, lol! Sunday was fun! We went to the Dane County Fair even though it was flippin HOT, but only for 2 hours! We ate some ice cream, played some games, ate some food, etc. When we got home we all were wiped out and took a 2 hour nap before going to my Aunt Missy's for dinner. I got to meet my brother's girlfriend for he first time, and she seems really nice!

Almost every Sunday night it seems like I can't sleep, I don't know if it's partial insomnia, or what! I laid down at about 10:30ish and by 11:30 for some reason i felt sick, so i got up and started reading my book. by about 12:30 I was laying down again to try and finally see if I could sleep, but then Connor started waking up.......SO I went and laid down in his room, finally fell asleep sometime after 1 a.m. Connor woke up 2 other times and then I heard Scott getting ready for work at 4:45 this morning......ugh!! Seriously! I usually never hear Scott getting ready for work, and don't usually hear Connor throughout the night, most of the time he just magically appears in our room in the morning, lol. Out of all the nights to not sleep well, why does it have to be Sunday?? Why can't it be Saturday when I know I get to sleep in the next day?? Mondays are already hard enough, but without much sleep it's even worse!!! If I wasn't preggo I would probably drink some NyQuil to fall asleep, but that's not really an option right now!

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