Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Visiting Michigan

So again today when I dropped Connor off at school he cried and cried and eventually Ms. Amber just had to drag him away with him still crying. It's so heartbreaking. I don't know if it's just a phase or if something really is going on with him, it's so hard to tell with a 4 year old. If this doesn't stop I'm not sure how the heck we'll survive with full day kindergarten next year...I'm dreading even thinking about it, which reminds me I have to call and set up our kindergarten registration/tour.

Last Friday we left for Michigan and come home Monday night. It was a short trip but super fun as always. Friday night when we got in we just got to hang out with Amanda, Mike, and Jarrod and eat some yummy homemade pizza. Saturday was all about dress shopping, and Saturday night Amanda, Connor, Savannah & I drove to visiting Doug & Wanda, and Esther. Sunday I got to visit my favorite church, Crosspointe Community where all 4 of the Barnhard sisters sang during offering. The rest of the afternoon was pretty lazy, then for dinner we drove and met up with Jon & Kayla at Cassabaras (sp) which was super yummy! The weekend went by way to quickly and the next thing we knew it was Monday morning, we got the van all loaded up, stopped by Georgetown Cemetery and then had a quick visit with Sara and Gracie. I can't wait until September to visit with a bunch of them again!

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