Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Only a little over 2 more days until we're heading to Michigan, so excited! Connor's already made the trip over once when he was just over 2, but this will be Miss. Savannah's 1st trip, hopefully she does good! We'll obviously have to stop a few times but I'm hoping everything goes smoothly. Connor will be busy watching movies, reading his new ereader and coloring, but poor Savannah is to young to do all of that, plus she's still backwards so she can't watch the movie either (not that I want her really watching TV yet). Anyone have any tips in driving 5-6 hours with a 13 month old?

So on New Years Eve I finally got to watch Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. I've been waiting and waiting to watch this movie and I finally receive it for Christmas. Normally I would have watched it right away but Connor has been boycotting my movies and unless I wanted to be interrupted all the time I just kind of had to wait until he agreed to let me watch it. I know, I know, letting a 4 year old run the house? Sometimes you just have to pick your battles and this is one that I let him win. It didn't endanger anyone to wait to see it, so why fight about it? And no, it's not like he really watched this movie, it's a little to much for a 4 year old, he was pleasantly distracted with his new toys, but most of the time we have "kid" stuff on the TV, even if he's not really watching TV he knows when "his" shows are on and always wants his on, gotta love 4 year olds, right? Stubborn! Anyways, I loved the movie, of course. I really missed Orlando Bloom and Kiera Knightly in it but it still was really good. I do have a complaint about Penelope Cruse though, as beautiful as she is, sometimes she's really difficult to understand and this is a type of movie I don't want to sit there and strain to try and understand what she's saying. But overall I loved it and if you love the other Pirates movies you'll love it too!

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