Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dress & Shoe Shopping

Back to the normal routine today, which includes Connor crying and saying he doesn't want to go to school. Is this normal? He did this at the start of the school year but within a week or two he was fine, then all of a sudden right before Christmas Break he started up again...........ugh, I hate to see my baby cry!

So the whole point of my trip this past weekend to Michigan was to go Bridesmaid Dress & Shoe Shopping for Meagan's wedding. So Amanda drove me over to Meagan's mom's house by 10 a.m. and our day began. We started the day at Bridal Elegance at 11 a.m. and tried on a bazillion dresses there. We ended up picking 2 dresses that we really liked, a long one and a short one. Then we went to lunch at Olive Garden and decided to kill some time at the mall looking at shoes. We found the perfect ones for $30 at Deb's. They have about a 4 inch heel and are super gold & sparkly. Then our next appointment was at 3 p.m. at David's Bridal. We only tried on a 1/2 a bazillion dresses there. As much as I wanted us to find a dress there since there is one in Wisconsin it just didn't happen. We ended up going back to Bridal Elegance and getting my dress ordered, at least they'll ship it to me so if I need to get it altered I can before the wedding. Here's a picture of the 2 we picked out from Bridal Elegance, we ended up picking the short red one, which will actually be in ivory.

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