Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pizza Sauce

Can you believe tomorrow is February already? And guess what? We already have our taxes done and they will be mailed out today, so excited! Going to be paying off the CC, put a chunk of change in savings for Germany (hopefully going there June 2013), and now we're looking into replacing our flooring on most of the main level in our house, yay!

So on the 22nd, Jessica came over and we made pizza sauce! We had 15 pounds of tomatoes left in the freezer, and with removing those I was finally able to unplug the fridge in the garage which will hopefully save us some money! So after thawing, removing skins, removing as many seeds as possible and blending all the tomatoes we added 2 packs of Mrs. Wages pizza sauce (and all the ingredients it asks for), garlic powder & some oregano. We ended up getting 12 - 8 oz jars from the batch, so we each got 6! We actually just used our first jar last night and made a pizza, and it was AMAZING! That brings me down to 5 left. If anyone is interested in purchasing one through AJsCanning, let me know and I can get it posted on the etsy site, otherwise I'll just eat it all myself, yumm!

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