Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Madison's Birthday

Just finished up with some homework that's due tonight - way to wait until the last minute! Now I'm taking a quick break to check up on a couple of things and make a post before I take over the kids from Scott so he can do his homework. I can't wait to graduate in 13 months! I'm for sure going to take a year or two off before I start up again!

So my baby brother's little girl turned one a few
weeks ago! I can't believe how quickly she's growing up! They had a nice little party with the family up at his grandparents house and it was great seeing people again that I haven't seen in awhile. It's so funny seeing Madison & Savannah interact they really are super cute together. I'm pretty sure Savannah still has Madison in height, but Madison is definitely bigger in weight and feet (Savannah still wears a 3, and I think they said Madison was in a 5 already). It just goes to show how differently kids grow. It should be interesting to see the difference when they're older. Happy Birthday Miss. Madison!

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