Sunday, April 22, 2012

All Star Sports

Pretty lazy morning over here, which is always a nice change! Ate some wonderful french toast & sausage for breakfast - which everyone in the house always loves. We have a birthday party to go to today and then we'll be heading over to Aunt Missy's for dinner - I made some wonderful looking peanut butter brownies to take over, can't wait to try them!

3 weeks ago we landed in Florida to take the kids to Disney World! The resort we stayed at this time was All Star Sports. It was a pretty neat hotel with two swimming pools - one which was right outside our room which was nice. The "cafeteria" they had offered a pretty good range of food so everyone was happy (the pizza was awesome) and they had cups for $15 that you could use the entire time of your trip to refill, so Scott and I shared one of those (poor Scott ended up drinking a lot of Diet Coke, I hate regular soda, but he can tolerate diet, so my choice won out). The worst part of the hotel was the Internet. If you needed to use the Internet for your stay, don't stay here. I would have to log on, get 2 pages into what I was doing, then I'd have to log off and log back on, then get 2 pages, etc. It was horrible. If you don't care about Internet access, then by all means stay, it was pretty fun there, but if you need Internet access, don't stay!

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