Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Deion's Birthday Party

I think my headache my finally be starting to go away, I've had it for the last 32+ hours, ugh! I hope it stays away for awhile! So, I made a TuTu Dress, I'm almost finished with it, just need to wait for my clips to come in the mail tomorrow - super excited for it, it's look really cute!

So right before we went to Florida, Connor went to his 2nd Birthday Party of the year - Deion's. They celebrated down at the Bowling Ally, Scott took him to this one so I do not know a lot of the details to the party. I do know that a few of the other boys in his class were there and Connor gave him this really cool Transformers mini-lego set. I hope Deion likes it and he had a great 5th Birthday!

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