Monday, August 30, 2010

The Time Travelers Wife

So there wasn't going on to much this weekend, had a party on Saturday night (will post about that later). Took Connor to the park yesterday, watched some TV, ordered Glass Nickel Pizza for dinner (YUMMM HOT WING HOAGIE!!!).

Over the weekend I got time to finish reading The Time Travelers Wife. Overall I really liked the book, and I knew I would since I really liked the movie. There was your obvious similarities when it comes to movies/books and a few differences. It's so amazing to see how much is actually cut out of the book when you make it into a movie. I understand that obviously for time restraints some stuff needs to get cut out, but how would you decide what stay & what gets the ax? I know I would have a hard time choosing! A couple of the big differences I noticed was the amount of sex in the book, WOW, lol. And another big difference is the other characters that they have in the book. I like knowing more about the supporting characters! SOO I would totally recommend this book if you have time to read it, it's not my favorite book of all time, but I liked it enough that I would probably read it again.

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