Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bridesmaid Dresses

So today we get to re-fi on our house! So excited!!! Get to save almost $300 a month just on that! YAY!!! School is in full swing, already stayed up to almost 11 p.m. last night doing homework that was due at midnight.... why do teachers have assignments due the first couple of days of class? Especially online ones....what if you don't log in the first day or two?? Good thing I always start checking about a week before the class actually starts!

So after work yesterday I went to meet up with Katie & her 3 other bridesmaids for her wedding next May. We ate some spaghetti at her new apartment and then headed of to Davids Bridal. After trying on dresses for awhile I really thought we were going to end up with something hideous that I did not like! But FINALLY the last dress we all tried on looked good on all of us, and we agreed on it! Such a relief! Not that it's that big of a deal, I would have worn whatever Katie wanted me to wear, but's nice to be in something you like and feel comfortable in! So Rachel & I ended up ordering everything last night, it was right around $240. It includes the dress, the slip, the sash and the shoes! I LOVE the shoes!! I will totally be wearing these again! They are super comfy & super cute! I just have to try to not wear them before the wedding so they don't get all dirty!

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