Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Scott's 27

So other than updating my blog today, the plan is to hopefully clean the house a little and do some homework. This all really depends on Miss. Savannah though because sometimes she really doesn't like to be put down. I could use my wrap around the house, but I like holding her :)

So yesterday was the big day. Scott turned 27!! I can't believe I was there for his 22nd doesn't seem possible that I've known him that long, but it has been that long....just crazy! So for his birthday we didn't end up doing much. I ended up dying my hair & cleaning the kitchen & living room. Scott ran out and got us all Taco Bell for lunch. Then for dinner we met his family out at Chili's. Unfortunately about 15 minutes after getting there Connor decided he didn't feel good, so I had to take the kids home. Thankfully they still got me what I wanted for food, and brought it to me afterwards. After they were done eating they came over to the house and we had ice cream cake (Reese's from Dairy Queen), and opened presents. Scott got a weed whacker, tickets to WWE from his sister, that's coming in May (Connor & I will be going with him to that), the kids got him some new cologne, he got some TV on DVD sets, and I also got him some Gary Allan tickets for his concert at the Crystal Grand in April. So overall I think he made out pretty good!

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