Monday, January 31, 2011

Answered Prayers

So other than Scott, the whole family is sick. Connor had his stomach situation last week, which turned into a nose situation. Now Savannah has been coughing & sneezing, and I've been sneezing & have a sore being sick......NOT! Oh well, what can you do? Yesterday we moved around Connor's furniture in his room, so he has a lot more floor space. Now we just have to go through his toys, clean the basement, clean our bedroom, get our toilet fixed, paint & put in the new floor in our bathroom, and put in our new kitchen sink & faucet...........does the list never end??

So today I finished reading Answered Prayers by Danielle Steel. It's a book about two life-long friends who are both in horribly lonely marriages. After Faith's children leave the nest, it leaves her lonely and with nothing to do, so she decides to go back to law school. Alex (her husband), in short words, is pissed! Coming home early from a field trip, Faith discovers that Alex is having an affair. She confronts him on this, he blows up, files for divorce, and blames everything on Faith going back to school. Thankfully her friend Brad is there for her all through the mess. Brad's 2 son's are living in Africa during this time, and a tragic accident happens to one of them. Being in a third world country, and without a lot of communication, Brad quickly flies out hoping he is still alive. Brad's wife Pam says she'll meet him there in a day or two, but never comes. this puts Brad over the edge, and by the time he gets back to her (7 weeks later), he says he's done, and he wants a divorce. Throughout this entire book Faith & Brad both have been there for each other to laugh, talk, cry, etc to. They both have feelings for each other, but try to deny them. With everything that has happened, they are finally free from their horrible marriages & able to be with each other at last. This is not my favorite Danielle Steel book, usually I can't put them down, but I did like the overall story and characters.

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