Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Birthdays x 5

So this was a nice long weekend for us. Scott had off work Monday & Tuesday. It would have been nice to get some mroe stuff done around the house (like clean Connor's room), but it just didn't happen....oh well! I guess, hopefully; it'll get done some other time.

So this past Saturday we had a birthday party to go to out at Cat & Don's house. We were celebrating 5 people's birthdays!! Buddy was turning 2, Addison 3, Jillian 3, Olivia 5, and Macy 10. It was pretty fun, and the food was good. The only bad part of the party was when the kids started opening presents. Connor was so upset because he was pretty much one of the only kids left out. Thankfully this did not last long and Scott & Grandpa were able to get him distracted with some toys.

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