Monday, October 11, 2010


The weather over the weekend was just beautiful! It was 80 and sunny! Crazy for the middle of October, but I'll take it!!! Not to much going on right now.... finishing up my Managing for Quality class this week, Access starts next week.

So Saturday we decided to drive out to Marshall and get some pumpkins! We went with Matt, Chrissy, Buddy, Ella, Cat, Brodie, Macy, Michelle, Carol, Donovan, & GG. It was fun for Connor to ride the train & see all of the animals that they had there. The sheep, cows, zebras, horses, etc. Once we got to the "pumpkin patch" we only had like five minutes to pick out our pumpkins. It seemed pretty rushed, and I wish we would have had a little bit longer to do it. But overall for $7 a person for a train ride & pumpkin, it's not to bad. Not sure if we'd ever do it again, but we might.

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