Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium

So I had my 32 week appointment last night, and it went good. Pretty sure Savannah is head down & growing like she should. We talked about labor, inducing, etc. And I’m SO GLAD my Dr. is very laid back, and is okay with me not wanting to be induced at 39 weeks (BTDT mom’s I guess she gives them the option), and not wanting any pain meds/interventions. She seemed totally cool with my ideas, and thinks I shouldn’t have a problem. I guess I did awesome with Connor (pitocin, posterior, plus his hand was up by his head) without needing an epidural or any other assistance during birth.

So anyways, on Saturday this past weekend we decided to go to Iowa, to the Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium. Jessica & Justin decided to tag along with us as well. It only took about 1.75 hours to drive down there, so not too bad. We got down there around 1 p.m. walked around for awhile, and looked at the animals. Connor wanted to keep seeing more animals, so I know he had fun. Unfortunately I was a little disappointed with the whole experience. I thought there would be more aquariums and stuff, but oh well. It was still fun for Connor, and that was all that mattered. I think the next aquarium we take him too will be Sheds Aquarium in Chicago.

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