Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Baby Shower

I can’t believe we’re over ½ way done with October….it’s crazy!! And the rest of the month is just going to fly by! Between Scott bowling Tuesday nights & every other Friday, Connor having Gymnastics on Wednesdays….This Saturday I have Book Club, Sunday I have a pampered Chef Party, and then next weekend is Halloween! AHH!!! It’s definitely true that time goes by faster when you’re older!

So this past Sunday was Ashley’s baby shower. It was nice. Her mom threw it for her at a Country Club, so it was kinda on the fancier side, but not overdone. We had some good food, played some games (I actually won both of them, lol). She opened her presents, got a couple of duplicates, but overall got a lot of nice things. I’m a little jealous that I don’t get a big shower again this time, but I already had my time…. It’s just fun to have family & friends get together to celebrate the life you’re creating.

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