Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day

So we're still working on Savannah getting use to a bottle. She took the Nuk bottle once over the weekend, but that was it........desperate times call for desperate measures, so I will now be working on it before every feeding.....hopefully she starts taking it more often because I go back to work in 9 days......ugh.....only 9 days?? I want to cry just thinking about it. I'm not excited to leave my baby girl!

So today is Valentines Day. Anyone doing anything special?? We bought a bunch of good food that we will be enjoying tonight. 2lbs of Snow Crab Legs, a large Sirloin Steak to split and some coconut shrimp....yumm!! I'm even thinking I might send Scott to McDonalds to get Connor a happy meal, because it is a special day! So other than our meal, we decided not to spend the money on presents. We pretty much have everything we want/need, so why spend the money on presents just to give presents?? I did pick up a Nick Jr V-Day special DVD for Connor (well and Savannah, but she wont be enjoying that for a couple of more years). We will also be spending our V-Day at the Dr's because Savannah has her 2 month check up tonight. Connor was 11lbs14oz and 22inches at his 2 month. My prediction for Savannah is that she is longer but skinner than Connor was at this point.

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