Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Go Pack Go

So Savannah is 10 weeks old today, which means I go back to work in 2 weeks.......she's only taken a bottle once so far, so hopefully something changes in the next 2 weeks, otherwise I don't know what I'm going to do.......on the other hand, I've been pretty productive the last couple of days, knowing I'll be going back to work! Saturday we put our "new" stove in, painted the bathroom, fixed the toilet, put the new floor in the bathroom, and I've been cleaning like crazy. Anyone who knows me, knows my room is always a mess,'s pretty darn clean right now! I washed all my clothes, cleaned out the just have to finish under the bed, the dressers & vacuum!! The next big project is the basement......ugh.........not looking forward to that!!

Well this past Sunday was the Super Bowl! We went over to Aunt Missy's to watch the game, and it was a blast. It seemed to just fly by! Of course we were all decked out in our Packer Gear, and it was great to see them win........even though I still hate Aaron Rodgers.....For the big game we decided to bust open the Salsa that me and Jessica made this past September, and can I say....AWESOME!! Not everyone would like it, it was pretty spicy, but I loved it. There's only 1/3 of the jar left, and I have to try really hard not to eat it all on Scott.......We'll have to make that again next fall!! Well anyways, as everyone should know The Packers Won!! Now Scott & I spend his gift card he got for nfl shop, I'll be getting a new Packer Shirt & Scott wants a hat. Here's a picture of us all in our Packer Gear (as you can hopefully see, I busted out my Super Bowl Championship Shirt from the last time they went.......can't believe I held on to that for that long!!)

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