Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Grow Baby Grow

So 8 more days until I go back to work............this count down is not fun at all!! UGH! At least we'll be having some more income to pay off the doctors bills & our CC.Got to look at the positive, right? I also can't wait for us to get our taxes back! $1000 going into retirement fund, $1000 going into the vacation fund (going to Disney next spring with Connor), and then the rest to pay off the CC!

So last night we had Savannah's 2 month check-up, and of course she is perfect! She weighs in at 10lbs12oz and is 24 inches long. At 13 days old she was 7.86% for weight, and now she is 32.06%. For height she was 40.98% and now she is 89.66%. So she's super tall & skinny, just like her daddy & brother. Just to compare Connor was 11lbs14oz and 22inches at his 2 month check up. So she's even taller & skinner than he was, how crazy?? We have enough problems with Connor's pants, so I have a feeling we'll have the same with Savannah.......bring on the adjustable waists & belts, lol.

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