Thursday, December 9, 2010

Savannah Lynn's Birth Story

So it's been 8.5 days since she was born, and I figured I should get around to posting her birth story. I posted it on BBC the day she was born, but for some reason or another just haven't gotten around to posting it on here....oh well, I guess I can blame it on being busy, even though that doesn't really seem like a valid excuse.

So it’s not exactly the 100% natural birth that I wanted, but I guess you don’t always get what you want.

11:30 a.m. - water broke at work! Was thinking she was trying to be a November baby, but she decided to hold off until December! (part of this was my doing......if I would have done some things quicker I could of gone in November, but oh well)

Drove home, finished packing my bag, at some food.

2:00 p.m. - arrive at hospital

6:30 ish - they let me eat!! Who ever heard of a hospital letting someone in labor eat, but mine did, and I’m so glad!!!

Tried everything & anything to try to get contractions strong & consistant, but nothing worked. After knowing that I wouldn’t be getting any sleep (I was comfortable enough to sleep, but there was no way I was turning my brain off!), decided to start the pitocin (they were not pushing me, which was very nice, but I was just afraid that I would get super tired from no sleep & a super long labor, and it seemed like I would have need the pitocin eventually anyways since it was going so slowly….at this point I was only 3-4 c.m., and I was a stretching 2 c.m. the day before at my appointment)

9:00 p.m. - started pitocin (usually they up 2 units (whatever that means( every 30 minutes)), but they knew I wanted as natural as possible, so we took things very slowly, and only upt it 1 unit every hour. They also usually start it after about 6 hours after your water had broken, but my Dr. was nice enough to give me a couple of more hours to try to get things progressing, so I ended up waiting 9.5 hours intead of the 6.

**note**If you are fully maxed out on pitocin you’re at a 90(at least by the measurements on their machine), but I only got up to 24 since they were being nice enough to slowly increase it.

4:30a.m. - 5 c.m.

5:04 - birth. (probably only 10ish minutes, 4-5 contractions of pushing)

Other than the pitocin it was drug/intervention free!! It was super intense when pushing. They were trying to get me to stop, because they didn’t think I was complete yet, but I couldn’t stop! It was crazy fast and I almost wanted to ask for some pain medication, but obviously you can see why it was so painful……less than 35ish minutes from 5 c.m. to baby!!

I did not tear at all this time, and I feel great. I took some ibprofin a couple of different times while at the hospital, but not very often.

My first birth was 12 hours from water breaking to finish, so this one was a little longer BUT that’s because I was in control of the pitocin! Last time I pushed for over an hour, and he was born sunny side up, and this time she was the right way. So even though overall it took longer, and was more intense at the end, I’ll take that short amount of intenseness and the short pushing!


December 1st, 2010

5:04 a.m.


17.5 inches

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