Monday, September 13, 2010

The Secret Life Of Bees

So the weekend has come and gone like it always does, and like always it went way to fast. We didn't have to much going on this weekend, which was pretty nice. Scott had a bachelor party to go to on Saturday night, and he didn't get home until 2:35, but at least this time he wasn't complete wasted, so I wasn't as ticked off. Sunday we met up with some of Scott's family and picked some more apples. I was going to pick enough to make Apple Pie Filling for canning, but they didn't have the right kind of apples, oh well I guess, maybe next year, or maybe I can find them at the grocery store.

So Saturday was our "monthly" book club. This time it was at Ashley's house, but not everyone could come. Missy was at the Badger Game (WHO WON), and Jeni was camping with her son for his birthday. But overall it was nice to get together with Ashley, Kerry & Jessica. We ate some good food, talked about the book, and picked out the next book. Overall we all liked the book, I found out there was a movie made of it, which I'll need to get and watch sometime. It was a great story of a strong teenage girl growing up in a time of racism, but befriending many blacks along the way of trying to figure out what exactly happen to her mother all those years before. The best part of the book is that it went really quickly, and was easy to read in just a couple of nights.

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