Monday, September 17, 2012

Chili Dog Casserole

So I've decided I'm going to start skipping around in the blog, instead of just going in order of things happening. Why? Because some of the things I forget how I felt about them (recipes, movies, books, etc) more easily than the really cool stuff that me & the kids do together. So in order to do a better "mini" review on things, I am giving myself the right to skip around once and awhile!

On that note, last night for dinner I made a Chili Dog Casserole. I originally found the recipe on Pinterest, which originated from THIS blog. Ingredients: 2-15oz cans of chili (I used one "normal" can of chili with beans and one can of spicy without beans), hot dogs (yes, I buy the $.79 ones at Woodmans cause I'm cheap, lol), tortillas, and cheese (I used a mix of Colby & cheddar). Okay, I know this definitely is not the most healthy thing I've ever made but on a lazy Sunday night it was just what I needed. With having the one can of spicy chili in there it gave the whole thing a nice little kick without being overbearing, so the kids could still eat it. Justin ended up coming over for dinner and I still have enough for 2 lunches (well 1 now since I ate one today). This recipe will be put in the "make again" category!

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